Episode 39: Sayonara, 2016

Another year, another meticulously curated best of music play list. Sure, sure – every one ELSE has moved on to 2017 and are feverishly beginning to mark down what new jams take their fancy, but here at the Lighthouse? Well, we move at our own pace and deliver only the best product to give back you….the people.

In this episode, the lads sit down and go through Cubosa’s Top 116 of 2016 playlist; singling out delicious highlights, egregious omissions and reminiscing on all the quality music that came out in the year of the Monkey. We may hate a little too much, but it’s because we care.

1. NxWorries – Suede
2. Phony PPL – Why ii Love The Moon
3. A$AP Twelvvy – L.Y.B.B. (Resolution)
4. Schoolboy Q – That Part (Feat. Kanye West)
5. Brodinski – Us (Feat. Bloody Jay)
6. Rihanna – Kiss It Better
7. Amine – Caroline
8. Mac Miller – Dang! (Feat. Anderson .Paak)
9. GoldLink – Fall In Love (Feat. Ciscero, Kaytranada & BADBADNOTGOOD)
10. Kaytranada – Lite Spots
11. The Avalanches – Because I’m Me
12. Majid Jordan – Make It Work
13. Barei – Say Yay! (Spain – Eurovision Entry)
14. Gryffin – Heading Home (Feat. Josef Salvat)
15. Flume – Tiny Cities (Feat. Beck)
16. ANOHNI – 4 Degrees
17. The Smith Street Band – History Eraser (Like a Version Cover)
18. Sioux Falls – Copy Paste
19. Isaiah Rashad – 4r Da Squaw
20. Frank Ocean – Nikes
21. Roy Woods – She Knows About Me
22. Drake – Too Good (Feat. Rihanna)
24. HOME – Decay
25. Flume – Free
26. Crystal Castles – Their Kindess Is Charade
27. Khalid – Let’s Go
28. Childish Gambino – Redbone
29. DJ Quik & Problem – You Are Everything
30. Nas – Nas Album Done
31. Fat Joe & Remy Ma – All The Way Up (Feat. French Montana)
32. Young Thug – Webbie (Feat. Duke)
33. Curren$y – Mallory Knox
34. French Montana – Lockjaw (Feat. Kodak Black)
35. Madeintoyo – Uber Everywhere
36. Post Malone – Deja Vu (Feat. Justin Bieber)
37. Wale – It’s Too Late
38. How To Dress Well – The Speed Dial
39. Anderson .Paak – Room In Here (Feat. The Game & Sonyae Elise)
40. Rihanna – Consideration (Feat. SZA)
41. GoldLink – Rough Soul (Feat. April George)
42. Isaiah Rashad – Free Lunch
43. A Tribe Called Quest – The Space Program
44. Schoolboy Q – By Any Means
45. Future – Low Life (Feat. The Weeknd)
46. Flatbush Zombies – Bounce
47. Lil Uzi Vert – Money Longer
48. Joe Budden – Three
49. Danny Brown – When It Rain
50. Crystal Castle – Fleece
51. Julian Winding – The Demon Dance
52. Negative Gemini – Body Work
53. Drake – Feel No Ways
54. Shura – Tounge Tied
55. Bat For Lashes – Sunday Love
56. Blood Orange – Hands Up
57. David Bowie – I Can’t Give Everything Away
58. How To Dress Well – Salt Song
59. Frightened Rabbit – Woke Up Hurting
60. DIIV – Loose Ends
61. Frank Ocean – Ivy
62. Frans – If I Were Sorry (Sweden Eurovision Entry)
63. The Cardboard Swords – Cardigan
64. Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties – ’67 Cherry Red
65. Sioux Falls – 3 Fast
66. FEWS – 100 Goosebumps
67. White Lung – Kiss Me When I Bleed
68. PUP – Sleep in The Heat
69. The Smith Street Band – Death To The Lads
70. Pinegrove – Old Friends
71. DMA’s – Delete
72. Frightened Rabbit – I Wish I Was Sober
73. Anderson .Paak – Put Me Thru
74. Elzhi – Hello!!!!!
75. Joe Budden – I Wanna Know
76. A Tribe Called Quest – Whatever Will Be (Feat. Consequence)
77. Solange – Cranes In The Sky (Kaytranada Edit)
78. Miguel – Come Through & Chill
79. Roy Woods – SKRT (Remix)
80. Dave – Wanna Know
81. Drake – U With Me?
82. Rihanna – Needed Me
83. Majid Jordan – Something About You
84. Mickey Kojak – Move Too Fast
85. Janet Jackson – If (Kaytranada Remix)
86. Kaytranada – You’re The One (Feat. Syd)
87. Drake – One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla)
88. Vybz Kartel – Fever
89. D.R.A.M. – Broccoli (Feat. Lil Yatchy)
90. Domo Genesis – DAPPER (Feat. Anderson .Paak)
91. Anderson .Paak – Am I Wrong (Feat. Schoolboy Q)
92. Chance The Rapper – All Night (Feat. Knox Fortune)
93. Kaytranada – Together (Feat. AlunaGeorge & GoldLink)
94. Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edit)
95. Carly Rae Jepsen – Body Language
96. Era Istrefi – Bonbon
97. Rihanna – Sex With Me
98. Roy Woods – You Love It
99. Mac Miller – Stay
100. King – The Greatest
101. Gallant – Bourbon
102. NAO – Girlfriend
103. dvsn – Hallucinations
104. Maxwell – 1990x
105. Khalid – Location
106. Frank Ocean – Nights
107. Pearl – Private Party
108. PARTYNEXTDOOR – Come and See Me (Feat. Drake)
109. Drake – Fire & Desire
110. BADBADNOTGOOD – In Your Eyes (Feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)
111. Kamasi Washington – The Rhythm Changes
112. Mac Miller – God Is Fair, Sexy, Nasty (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
113. Bon Iver – 29 #Strafford APTS
114. Dreamboy – Endings
115. Sioux Falls – If You Let It
116. Apologies, I Have None – Crooked Teeth (Acoustic)

Bonus #1 – Migos – Bad & Boujee (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Bonus #2 – The Avanlaches – Bad Day (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)
Bonus #3 – Kranium – Rumours

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The OFFICIAL best singles of 2017 as per THE MOST RESPECTED music journalist … ME

Move over Pitchfork. Pigeons & Planes, take off. Genius, you won’t be feeling so brilliant after you read this and have a listen. I present the best songs of 2017. This is a dictatorship and these are the best jams of 2017 because I said so. You want hyperbole, you’ve come to the right place.

This playlist contains the music of almost all genres, except for the ones that don’t really count. Heavy metal, I’m looking at you. Jazz & Punk, you’re getting some side-eye right now. Again … dictatorship, remember?

I had initially planned to distil this list down to the best 150 tracks as my cohort the Flamingo Pharoah is known to do but then I thought to myself, why trim down my platinum taste? If Futsch & Thugger can release multiple 20+ track projects annually, why shouldn’t I share 233 gems? Who doesn’t want 14 hrs and 33 minutes of absolute ear candy?

So I guess I only have one thing left to say: YOU. ARE. WELCOME. Hit the shuffle button, press play and consider your day’s listening sorted.

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Beautiful Thugg Girls (EP)

Last night I got an email that at first I thought was a hoax. I thought it was a hoax because it came in from Jeffery Lamar Williams, a.k.a. Young Thug. He had heard my Starboy EP and wanted me to do the same to his latest effort: Beautiful Thugger Girls. He said that he knew I had the artistic integrity to squeeze only the sweetest nectars from his work.

I shit you not, this is real. I know, it seems crazy but hey, here you go Thugga.

Listen to EP on Spotify

What the Silent Prince listened to in April

I have never accused myself of being consistent. In the early days of L3, I made monthly Soundcloud lists. Then I started spicing it up with movie recommendations. That didn’t last too long. For a couple months, I didn’t do anything!

I’ve written about the music in the lists or simply let my mind bleed its thoughts and tacking on the respective month’s musical choices. You get where I’m going with this, yes?

I started April with another Soundcloud playlist.

As the month progressed, I switched mostly to albums. I was going on extended walks, put on full length albums and let them breath. The highlights of April have been the following two.

Ology by Gallant

Ology by GallantWhen listening to an album for the first time, I favourite whatever perks up my ears. Then, over the next few listens, I will adjust. If something is simply an infatuation, it is unfavourited while the joints that grow on me get the iTunes heart. Listening to Gallant for the first time, I favourited the first four out of five songs. I stopped after that because I realized I would simply like every song on the album. I’ve since gone through and listened with a discerning ear to only choose the cream of the crop.

The album isn’t innovative in any manner, distinctive in sound nor does it blaze a completely new path. Instead, it’s an album that’s sure of what it is and is meticulously polished to a beautiful sheen. The sound could be summed up as “Soundcloud Indie Electronic” and the album cover beautifully sums up the sentiment: sad gold. Every song is tinged with a hint of regret and sadness, but it understands it’s message with pride and does it really, really well.

One song to listen to:

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A Sailor’s Guide to Earth by Sturgil Simpson

A Sailors Guide To Earth by Sturgill SimpsonWritten as a letter of guidance to his son, this country album is both true to its roots in Western music but also continues to evolve the genre as naturally happens when someone new takes up the flagpole and runs with it.

As for the actual advice in this project, I would sum it up in the following points.

  • Live on the straight and narrow. Be kind to the world around you.
  • Don’t be afraid to mistakes, but learn from them.
  • Life’s unfair. Deal with it.
  • Love.
  • And some truly American yet shocking advice: joining the military doesn’t make you a hero or a man.

It has it’s guitar twangs, southern drawl in the vocals, but it moves forward the genre with beautiful orchestral strings and horns. Using Future as a current example, at times his voice becomes more of a instrument than a device to deliver lyrics.

One song to listen to:

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Corn’s October Monthly Musts

Folks, if I could get you all to join me at the table, I’ve refined another batch of delicious media for you to consume. Like any good chef, I’ve tasted everything I’m serving up to you, my lovely guests.

If we could all bow our heads and say grace.


It’s all about instrumentation this time around. Over the course of the year as I put together a list each month, I find a theme emerges. October has been all about the production and less about the vocals.

Souncloud playlist link →


I saw The Apartment a few years ago but re-watched it this month and realized just how great it is. I first discovered this film thanks to Ricky Gervais who used it as an example of how true comedy is based in empathy. When we go through struggle, it is in those moments we can create real comedy. Word.

It’s both a great comedy and tugs at the heart strings.

I fell in love with the young Shirley Maclaine because of this film.
The relationships between people make for the compelling stories.

Notable Mentions

— — —

Thank you all again for joining me at the table. Thank you Lord for once again providing us with plenty to feast on.