Episode 39: Sayonara, 2016

Another year, another meticulously curated best of music play list. Sure, sure – every one ELSE has moved on to 2017 and are feverishly beginning to mark down what new jams take their fancy, but here at the Lighthouse? Well, we move at our own pace and deliver only the best product to give back you….the people.

In this episode, the lads sit down and go through Cubosa’s Top 116 of 2016 playlist; singling out delicious highlights, egregious omissions and reminiscing on all the quality music that came out in the year of the Monkey. We may hate a little too much, but it’s because we care.

1. NxWorries – Suede
2. Phony PPL – Why ii Love The Moon
3. A$AP Twelvvy – L.Y.B.B. (Resolution)
4. Schoolboy Q – That Part (Feat. Kanye West)
5. Brodinski – Us (Feat. Bloody Jay)
6. Rihanna – Kiss It Better
7. Amine – Caroline
8. Mac Miller – Dang! (Feat. Anderson .Paak)
9. GoldLink – Fall In Love (Feat. Ciscero, Kaytranada & BADBADNOTGOOD)
10. Kaytranada – Lite Spots
11. The Avalanches – Because I’m Me
12. Majid Jordan – Make It Work
13. Barei – Say Yay! (Spain – Eurovision Entry)
14. Gryffin – Heading Home (Feat. Josef Salvat)
15. Flume – Tiny Cities (Feat. Beck)
16. ANOHNI – 4 Degrees
17. The Smith Street Band – History Eraser (Like a Version Cover)
18. Sioux Falls – Copy Paste
19. Isaiah Rashad – 4r Da Squaw
20. Frank Ocean – Nikes
21. Roy Woods – She Knows About Me
22. Drake – Too Good (Feat. Rihanna)
24. HOME – Decay
25. Flume – Free
26. Crystal Castles – Their Kindess Is Charade
27. Khalid – Let’s Go
28. Childish Gambino – Redbone
29. DJ Quik & Problem – You Are Everything
30. Nas – Nas Album Done
31. Fat Joe & Remy Ma – All The Way Up (Feat. French Montana)
32. Young Thug – Webbie (Feat. Duke)
33. Curren$y – Mallory Knox
34. French Montana – Lockjaw (Feat. Kodak Black)
35. Madeintoyo – Uber Everywhere
36. Post Malone – Deja Vu (Feat. Justin Bieber)
37. Wale – It’s Too Late
38. How To Dress Well – The Speed Dial
39. Anderson .Paak – Room In Here (Feat. The Game & Sonyae Elise)
40. Rihanna – Consideration (Feat. SZA)
41. GoldLink – Rough Soul (Feat. April George)
42. Isaiah Rashad – Free Lunch
43. A Tribe Called Quest – The Space Program
44. Schoolboy Q – By Any Means
45. Future – Low Life (Feat. The Weeknd)
46. Flatbush Zombies – Bounce
47. Lil Uzi Vert – Money Longer
48. Joe Budden – Three
49. Danny Brown – When It Rain
50. Crystal Castle – Fleece
51. Julian Winding – The Demon Dance
52. Negative Gemini – Body Work
53. Drake – Feel No Ways
54. Shura – Tounge Tied
55. Bat For Lashes – Sunday Love
56. Blood Orange – Hands Up
57. David Bowie – I Can’t Give Everything Away
58. How To Dress Well – Salt Song
59. Frightened Rabbit – Woke Up Hurting
60. DIIV – Loose Ends
61. Frank Ocean – Ivy
62. Frans – If I Were Sorry (Sweden Eurovision Entry)
63. The Cardboard Swords – Cardigan
64. Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties – ’67 Cherry Red
65. Sioux Falls – 3 Fast
66. FEWS – 100 Goosebumps
67. White Lung – Kiss Me When I Bleed
68. PUP – Sleep in The Heat
69. The Smith Street Band – Death To The Lads
70. Pinegrove – Old Friends
71. DMA’s – Delete
72. Frightened Rabbit – I Wish I Was Sober
73. Anderson .Paak – Put Me Thru
74. Elzhi – Hello!!!!!
75. Joe Budden – I Wanna Know
76. A Tribe Called Quest – Whatever Will Be (Feat. Consequence)
77. Solange – Cranes In The Sky (Kaytranada Edit)
78. Miguel – Come Through & Chill
79. Roy Woods – SKRT (Remix)
80. Dave – Wanna Know
81. Drake – U With Me?
82. Rihanna – Needed Me
83. Majid Jordan – Something About You
84. Mickey Kojak – Move Too Fast
85. Janet Jackson – If (Kaytranada Remix)
86. Kaytranada – You’re The One (Feat. Syd)
87. Drake – One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla)
88. Vybz Kartel – Fever
89. D.R.A.M. – Broccoli (Feat. Lil Yatchy)
90. Domo Genesis – DAPPER (Feat. Anderson .Paak)
91. Anderson .Paak – Am I Wrong (Feat. Schoolboy Q)
92. Chance The Rapper – All Night (Feat. Knox Fortune)
93. Kaytranada – Together (Feat. AlunaGeorge & GoldLink)
94. Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edit)
95. Carly Rae Jepsen – Body Language
96. Era Istrefi – Bonbon
97. Rihanna – Sex With Me
98. Roy Woods – You Love It
99. Mac Miller – Stay
100. King – The Greatest
101. Gallant – Bourbon
102. NAO – Girlfriend
103. dvsn – Hallucinations
104. Maxwell – 1990x
105. Khalid – Location
106. Frank Ocean – Nights
107. Pearl – Private Party
108. PARTYNEXTDOOR – Come and See Me (Feat. Drake)
109. Drake – Fire & Desire
110. BADBADNOTGOOD – In Your Eyes (Feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)
111. Kamasi Washington – The Rhythm Changes
112. Mac Miller – God Is Fair, Sexy, Nasty (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
113. Bon Iver – 29 #Strafford APTS
114. Dreamboy – Endings
115. Sioux Falls – If You Let It
116. Apologies, I Have None – Crooked Teeth (Acoustic)

Bonus #1 – Migos – Bad & Boujee (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Bonus #2 – The Avanlaches – Bad Day (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)
Bonus #3 – Kranium – Rumours

Listen to the episode:

Starboy EP by The Weeknd

After the visuals for the new Weeknd album were released, I was excited. They. Are. Beautiful!

But like most albums this year it was bloated because, well, streams. We’ve voiced our dissatisfaction countless times on the podcast, so this time I’ve done something about it!

May I present the Starboy EP, a 10 track stellar piece of work.

Starboy EP by The Weekend.

The reorganization.

First, I swapped I Feel It Coming to the front and Starboy to the end. You feel it coming on the last track?! No, you feel it coming on the first track and then end out a star …. boy.

I left False Alarm because at least it’s divisive and evokes emotion.

Then I got rid of Stargirl Interlude with Lana Del Ray because it’s as entertaining as her career trajectory.

Finally, I got rid of everything from Love to Lay onwards. They’re boring, generic Weeknd tracks. What does Love To Lay even mean? I get it, it’s a fun alliteration for sleeping around, but come on, it’s as lazy as the remainder of the album.

Have a listen. I’m putting our platform in great peril posting a copy of this EP, so get it before they get us.

Download EP »

The prince listened

You know how you can be really good at staying regimented at a task over an extended period of time but then struggle with the last mile? It seems I fell victim to the aforementioned. I’ve posted a monthly playlist every month over the course of 2015 but failed at month twelve of twelve. There is no December playlist from the Silent Prince.

I’m going to forego any excuses and instead run down the top five albums of twenty fifteen in no particular order and personal bias in full effect.


A$AP Rocky

At.Long.Last - A$AP RockyThis album came out at the beginning of the year but only got my love later on. There was such an onslaught of music early in the year that this album got lost in the fold.

There are two elements in this album that qualify if for my top five: Refinement and feature. Let me explain.

If you go through Rocky’s catalogue, you’ll notice a trend: a play on titles and much like the names of each project building on the last so his sound improves and refines with each project. When you listen to the first tape to this album, you notice a kernel of greatest in the first and by the last are listening to a beautiful sculpted piece of work.

By feature I’m referring to the heavy use of Joe Fox on the latest project. A complete unknown on the streets of London, he was able to recognize talent and use him properly. To me, this is the sign an an individual who will have longevity in their career because he can leverage what’s new but build on their solid foundation.

In Colour

Jamie XX

In Colour - Jamie XXProbably the most listenable of my list, this album is sonically beautiful. It seems simple on the outset but being able to craft simple requires the utmost of talent. Being able to pick away until you’re left with just the beautiful core of an idea.

Continue listening to this album over and over and you start picking up subtleties that will put this album on your spin list for years to come.

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late


If you're reading this it's too late. — DrakeThe most palatable of Drakes projects, this mixtape signalled his current domination. We’ve spoken endlessly about him throughout the year so there is no need for me to rehash previous thoughts but know he deserves to be on this list.

The Wanderings of the Avener

The Avener

The Wanderings of the Avener — The AvenerA french producer, I’d put his music in the vein of Daft Punk. He is the fresh wave of the French house music scene. His ability to take artists you wouldn’t expect and incorporate them into his sound seamlessly and still sound cohesive is his true talent. Take for example his use of Rodriguez, a “failed” talent of the Motown era and reimagines him in a new age. The video is stunningly gorgeous.

King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude

Pusha T

King Push - Darkest Before Dawn: The PreludeA late entry into this years list, it might seem to be unfair to add a project that’s only been out for a few weeks to a best of, but this opinion is based on previous work. I’ve been a fan of Pusha’s lyrical ability and this put him over the top for me. Having never had a favourite, I’d now put him at the top of my list as my favourite rapper. This album cemented him there.

He’s continued to do what makes him great and now added a refined style. He doesn’t clog his work with extra content that doesn’t need to be there and focuses on giving us just the goods. The beats bang absolutely on the latest release and I’ve found myself excited every time I give the full project a listen. I think it comes down to the energy I feel every time I give him my time.

Focused on coke raps, every project also gives you one joint that makes him human and ultimately why I kneel at the alter. On Fear of God II it was Alone in Vegas, on MNIMN it was 40 acres and on the latest it’s M.P.A.

– – –

Am I crazy? Am I onto something? What’re your top of Oh Fifteen/

I had a tumultuous … musical … affair this summer

Apple Music, I really wanted to love you. I’ve been searching for something like you for a couple years now. Not only are you exactly what I want, you are native to my beautiful and sleek iPhone. In my eyes, you are my favourite Victoria’s Secret Angel.

But perhaps that’s what ultimately ended our brief but roller coaster affair. I held you in too high esteem. I asked for everything and you delivered. You delivered, but in the worst possible manner.

– – –

First we all took music for free. We were unschackled from having to buy it in physical form. The avenues evolved such as torrenting but ultimately we still jacked it. Trying to create order, subscriptions services evolved. The result is that the scene is now fragmented.

There are the acts that have a professional career and signed to a record label offering their music for sale and through the aforementioned rental apps. There’s also beginners looking to show their worth giving their audio delights away on SoundCloud and other free services. Having these two different modes of release, it means I’ve been keeping two libraries. I was paying for Rdio and then putting my free music in iTunes. Uhhh.

I’m looking to support music with my dollars because as I transition my career into a content developer, I am seeing the value and hoping to inturn have people support what I produce with their bucks.

Finally Apple Music happened …

… and they were giving me 3 free months.

On our first date, things went awry immediately. Thinking they could improve on my miticoulsly curated album artwork, swaths of covers were replaced. My CCR Greatest Hits was replaced with a soundtrack cover. Rich Gang was, well, I have no clue and my Marvin Gaye was replaced with something that wasn’t even a traditional square photo.

Strike 1

A quick Google search and I was advised to simply turn off the iCloud Syncing feature and all was well again.

Phew! My album art was back.

Wait, no iCloud Syncing means that none of the music I was paying for would be available offline and would require streaming over my measly 1GB monthly data?

Strike 2

It was over. I dumped my Apple Music subscription (still free) and returned to my traditional pre Rdio method of “acquiring” all music and keeping it in iTunes.

Life continued but I was still pining.

“You still have free time left” it wisphered in my ear.

“You’re trying to be a 21st century man and support the new wave of the music landscape” it reminded me.

So I went back. I asked for a second date. It went well I thought. I was pretty excited for the new Big Grams album and they let my pre-sync the album. Mind you they only let me have a few tracks before the release date but this was exciting because I’d done the work and now the second mission control at Apple hit launch, the album would be on my phone.

Strike 3

For reasons I still don’t know why, it didn’t show up. I unsynced and resynced. Still nothing. Clean version? Nope.

I’d had enough.

– – –

The kicker? Strike 3 happened one day after I’d been billed my first $9.99 monthly fee.

We don’t give a shit about radio play

Jon Bellion
Photo by: DXTRF

The success of a musician used to be determined by whether or not they got radio play. It was the bellwether. The bottleneck that determined who went on to make it big.

But thanks to the internet, the process has been “largely” democratized and those on the come up no longer give a shit about radio play.

I went over to my co-hosts abode a while ago and on the way over we saw a tour bus for Jon Bellion. Both of them had no clue who he was but there was a massive lineup out front. As soon as they posed the question, I chimed up: I’d discovered him a few months ago and added him to my May list. It was a refreshing experience to see one of the “no name acts” on my lists have real world success. 

After an eventful evening, I left to head home and passed the aforementioned venue. The streetcar was filled with charged young teenagers who’d just seen one of the best shows of there lives. They were electric.  Little birdies chirping in collective excitement.

Mention Jon Bellion on the streets and nobody will know who he is but those plugged in online through SoundCloud will instantly recognize the name.

Radio is dead but music is still thriving. Sorry Ebro.

Carry on folks. Things have changed but all is well.